Effective solutions against the bad organization of material and human resources and the means of companies in the world

Hello everyone and nothing,

Here’s a quick free sorting algorithm and a method that saves a lot of time in managing resource and resource locations for companies around the world at their right place and testing the feasibility before the organization.

First I’ll explain what is a super fast sorting algorithm that requires less condition abc … to do with an example and why it is beneficial to companies who want to move their resources or products to put them in good places requested by the company to save time and money.

Imagine I have the numbers 10 1 2 to classify in a memory indexed by a b c what are you going to do?

First you’re going to ask the question I’m going to sort in larger or smaller number so there are two sorting algorithms to classify objects and numbers in small or large in a location in the memory indexed by a ranking and only one if this algorithm offers the possibility of making a sorting choice.

Here is an example of the draft algorithm that can be translated into an algorithm because the algorithms are written according to rules specific to each sorting programming language and mathematics:

If you want to classify them by the biggest ones and I have A B C … with A B C .. numbers instead of 10 1 2 and placed them in an indexed place of the memory of a b c d e f …. what are you going to do?

you have to make a condition z to sort your numbers and always test if A is still the biggest and keep it good and not that A

B and C D E … ..also.

If you do not move your number to the right to repeat the same condition z to test the ranking of your numbers if they are in their right place and that a cost on the algorithm calculation time.

the algorithm ends its work with a processing time to perform the sorting and the sorting algorithms use the different strategies to classify ABDC … and the best strategies with fewer conditions xz .. repeated to classify ABCD … in a fast time are known on Wikipedia.

What is the use of sorting software in real life:

The effective solution to the bad organization of the resources, the means and the place of the companies in the world?

Imagine a company that has a lot of products and means to move and want to dispose of them according to its choice in specific classified locations (or indexed memories) and the company want to test the products in their place (indexed memories) bah she go not doing this with your hands would be a huge waste of time and money and human resources.

The sorting algorithms can be implemented in a design software with images of the products and the means used and the image of human resources and the image of the places of the products and human resources.

With a simple design software can build the place plan for the different products and means used in their requested place (indexed memory) Selected by the company or an artificial intelligence and let the software test the best layout without a waste of time enormous consequence has a bad organization of products and means and human resources.

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