Stop climate migration for more than 500 years and make tourists migrants

Hello everyone and nothing,

There is no solution to this problem taxing everyone and reducing the number of global population only delays the great danger of global warming a sea level more than 82 m higher than the current level and a loss of Huge fertile lands due to the high heat and high sea levels and natural disasters due to increased water volume in the oceans.

In addition to the loss of resources and roofs there is a great human loss of migrants by the billions who seek resources in all countries and no country can build a wall for a matter of hand and resource number and humanity.

Scientists and the public are lost despite our effort to support a world in 30 years with a wand that is worth more than 30 euro and children who will stay with their parents for life because of the harshness of life in a developed country like France its solutions are just temporary and the ice of Antarctica will melt despite our effort to delay it for 10 years or 20 years with strict rules to fight against global warming nature will take over the Human.

Today in Antarctica it was 32 F in May and in 10 years it will be worse and in 30 years can swim in the Antarctic coasts in summer.

Scientists and the public are dividing between saving humanity in the sky or underground and it does not work because it’s going to win nothing just a life all alone in a hole or in a space chamber for life.

So as an international citizen and researcher scientist I thought of a real solution that allowed to live super well with a population that increases more and have a 1 cent penny and stop the climate migration and loss of water and fertile land .

The solution:

Harnessing one-third of the Antarctic continent just the ice laba and fertilizers and gold and precious stones on the coast can make all the Sahara around the world fertile with plenty of animals and plants to clean and cool even with high fossil energy production.

In addition the laba form of the earth will have a great influence on mines and fossil energy wells where live dinosaurs and big trees to have big reserves with the drifts of the continents and the poor formation of the earth to the poles for give more great juices of matter in the mines.

1/3 of Antarctica will satisfy the greedy ones to have peace and sufficient resources for all the world in the blue earth to look for other resources with a good head and full pocket in the sky.

This continent will require a good international spirit and a lot of labor gogo who will pay well without any tax to realize their dream and stop the climate migration thanks to the resources galore in Antarctica.

There would be no more migration like today if someone is looking to travel to earn that life the best and go to the icy continent to terraform and work in the gold and silver mines and wells of oil …

The immigrants will be after tourists with the salary of working laba in the terraforming of the Antarctic.

With a world of work and resources that come from the Antarctic can build tourist cities in the Antarctic coasts and even increase in number because we will have more space and live well for more than 500 years in a paradise .

The Egyptians were able to master the distribution of water and resources and they made the pyramids and if our turn to develop machines able to bring back the resources of an asteroid field or there are resources more than 1000 times superior to the Antarctic to build spaces in the sky connected to the earth with different climates and even gravity terrestrial.

I know that it is forbidden to touch the Antarctic according to the international rules but if to save humanity for another 500 years and help migrate and all the world in the blue earth to find a better human life and give a Another chance for humanity to have new resources and spaces so why not?

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