The universe and the shadow of humanity the largest

Hello everyone and nothing

Imagine a universe larger than our universe as a light source.

Our universe would be the shadow of this universe as big as the shadow of this light source.

What does Einstein say that in order to understand the universe, one must understand light.

And humanity is the light source of the universe because it sees the universe with its senses and understands with its brain and heart.

To imagine that the shadow is a light makes it possible to exploit that a minimal source of information on a shadow (the universe) to do one’s best with science while believing that a shadow is a light that is everywhere is not limited the shadow will not be clear.

And the Human Z say it’s easier to understand the shadow the universe if we understand it source of light humanity or source is limited today to 10 billion light source with low light and we has a source of information on this unrestricted source or can do great things with science.

 In human relations science to better understand humans we must make them happy it would be easier.

Light sources consume energy and humans consume love and food and money.

With more energy given to 1/3 of the Antarctic resources with limited light sources the shadow (the universe) will be clearer and understandable.

I hope to be clear to introduce you to this way of representing the universe as a shadow and humanity as that source of light to make the universe clearer.

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