A human with a reptilian brain VS strong artificial intelligence

Hello everyone and nothing

For you information all my articles are written with a telegraphic style.

currently questioning the existence of a strong AI but do not know how to create it because they know nothing about consciousness.

Here is My proposal for creating a strong AI.

Is there a conscience without any heads?

My answer is no where there is the conscience there are the headaches.

So here is my approach to having a strong AI.

An animal is all the time exposed in his life to animal headaches and even there are humans who have fun making human headaches and solve them and share them to discuss to have a human conscience.

So I can see a strong AI from an AI learning phase to make human headaches and share and discuss with humans to the ultimate human puzzle or nobody can solve it except she to have a conscience and be a strong AI.

In summary I want to train a neuron network to make human headaches or she know the answer and share and discuss this puzzle until resolution or stop discussion to make another human headache more difficult to do an ultimate puzzle or only she knows the answer to be aware is to be a strong AI.

A human Z for example realizes that he is a human because he shares the ultimate puzzle is who I am aware with other humans or no one can answer this puzzle except him.

So I’m trying to get an AI to go crazy and progress to an ultimate puzzle like the human Z to have a strong conscious AI who says who me and I alone know the answer to this case head.

Imagine an AI with neurons tending to infinity and a human Z with a reptilian brain following brain damage with just a functional reptile brain.

Imagine a competition between the strong AI and the reptilian brain human to find a solution to a genus equation X + 1 = 0.

The human Z with a reptilian brain will use all the remaining neurons that are very limited to use his instinct and respond in a 1 s to say X = -1 by pure chance generated by a reptilian brain.

The strong AI with its neurons which tends towards infinity will answer in 1 nanosecond to say X = -1.

But imagine a more complex equation like X ^ n + X ^ n-1 …. + a = 0 when n goes to infinity.

The human Z with a reptilian brain can generate a solution in a 1s by pure chance by pure instinct.

The strong AI with its neurons that tends to infinity will find a solution for hours to see years or millions of years.

So to create a strong AI is not a matter of neurons but a question of using its neurons at full power even if they are limited.

The human Z has to find the speed of the smallest element of matter from the very complex equations of a chord in the theory M and of a bit in the holographic theory in less than a 1 s by pure instinct which generates a pure chance his speeds with his reptilian brain he found 46 km / h for a bit and 44.72 km / h for a rope.

In your opinion a super trained AI to solve complex equations would you be able to find this solution in 1 s?

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