Future economic analysis if there are strict rules to fight against global warming.

hello everyone and nothing

First I apologize for my telegraphic style I try to analyze the global market in 100 years with strict measures to fight against global warming.

It’s black mood is art.

To see the effect of our possible act with a dark mood to change this sad fate and find a better solution.

Because art can stop wars even before they exist.

The global economic market in the past looks like a jungle with plenty of resources and ways to make its resources attractive.

It was enough for an investor to invest in an object or a way to make his resources look good to have more money.

In our time the current world market looks like a jungle with fewer resources and fewer ways to make its resources look good.

And in 10 years the economic navy that protects its resources by law will be born rich old and new who hate the current super nova who are exhausting their fossil fuel strength with the easiest material to have galore and that allowed to move resources and be the richest.

In 20 years the super nova will try to destroy the navy or its power only increases with alternative energy and way of recycling resources following the exhaustion of the supernova force by laws and taxes.

And after 50 years the outbreak of the first economic war that will reduce the power of the supers nova by 30% and force it to invest in logistics (the way to move resources) and how to make rare objects pretty after the economic navy will sink on their back the misfortune of the first wave of victims of global warming.

And after 60 years of application of the unique child all over the world following the rise in power of the navy.

After 70 years triggered the movement of parents against child trash worldwide.

And in 90 years the navy will lose strength and humans will find it easier to return to fossil energy.

100 years triggered the 2nd economic war of the super nova against the navy.

Negative effect of first economic war a wand has more than 40 euro in a developed country like Germany and starvation and lack of rudimentary waters and resources and fertile land all over the world.

Negative effect of World Economic War II a companion animal would be a meal for a year.

And in 150 years will see many countries turn into Sahara and will be too hot and several countries under water and there will be icebergs that blur next to the desert of cannibal humans who have an economy 0 to bring them back and prefers to drink some blood.

And here is the solution of Luffy to prevent the two economic wars for another 500 years and live even with an average temperature all year between 22c ° and 50c ° with plants and animals everywhere and source fresh water as on the paradise to think head well and well filled pocket to build icy cities in the sky connected to the land for the ski and penguin enthusiasts thanks to the development of the machines able to bring back the water and the resources from an asteroid fields thanks to the resources galore Antarctic.

I can not even imagine the amount of ice in an iceberg or in the ice or an oil well or a gold and diamond mine or a reserve of fertilizer in the Antarctic continent where the earth looks like an egg it can exceed easily the reserves of Saudi Arabia or South Africa or Morocco for some well or anybody following the malformation of the land in the Antarctic.

Just a little reserve of ice and fertilizer can transform all the Sahara of the whole world into paradise to cool the earth and eliminate pollution and feed more than 1 billion billion human on earth.

The future of a global economy with a well-being and a pocket good:

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